How many beds and respirators are at the intensive care in Romania? More to be tested for COVID-19

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The Strategic Communication Group has announced that there are 2,653 hospital beds in the intensive care units in Romania at this point, as well as 1,361 respirators.

Countries such as Italy, France, Spain or U.S. are facing major deficiencies in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic due to the shortage of hospital beds at intensive care and the mechanical ventilators amid growing Coronavirus infections.

Romanian Health Minister used to say a week ago that Romania can treat over 4,000 patients with Coronavirus in its hospitals and that, once the threshold of 4,000 is exceeded, mild cases will be treated from home. The minister also voiced hope that the state can buy 1,000 more respirators in the coming days.

More people to be tested for COVID-19 in Romania

Romania is to test more categories for COVID-19, after the National Institute for Public Health has decided on Monday to extend the categories of people to be tested, following doctors’ numerous calls.

Therefore, all hospitalised patients who have respiratory symptoms will be tested from now on, the same as the medical personnel which is in contact with patients who tested positive for the new coronavirus.

11,223 tests for coronavirus have been processed in Romania so far, but the number of the tested patients could be lower, as some people had two tests.

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