How many fines were applied after the smoking ban’s enforcement?

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The firemen, local Police and the Interior ministry have given 795 fines and over 1,000 warnings for breaches of anti-smoking law in the past month since the ban has come into force. The fines are worth almost RON 187,000.

Since the smoking ban became effective, the local police and the competent bodies within the Interior Ministry have applied 1,043 warnings and 795 fines worth RON 186,900 nationwide,” reads a press release by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations.

According to the firemen’s statistics, 8 percent of the fires registered in the first three months of this year across the country were due to not complying with the fire prevention norms related to smoking.

The law, effective since March 17th, forbids smoking ‘in any space available to the public or destined to the collective use, regardless of the type of property.’ It will apply to any space which has a roof, ceiling and which is confined by at least two walls, no matter if they are temporary or permanent.

At the same time, the anti-smoking law will be in force also at work and at any playground for children, be it close or open-air one, as well as across the means of public transportation, medical and educational units or those which house child welfare institutions.

Cells in maximum-security penitentiaries will be exempted, as well as special smoking rooms in the international airports’ transit areas.

The law also bans the sale of tobacco products in medical and education units, as well as the retail of cigarettes, cigars and cigarillos.

Physical persons breaking the law face a fine ranging for RON 100 to RON 500, while juridical persons face higher fines: RON 5,000 at the first offence and RON 10,000 with activity suspension at the second offence. If you break the law for the third time, you risk a RON 15,000 fine and authorities are entitled to close down the unit for good.

At present, 17 out in 28 EU member states are completely banning smoking in enclosed public spaces, at work and public transportation.

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