How many kilometers of highways Romania ‘boasts’?

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At end-2015, the public roads amounted to 86,080 km, out of which 17,606 km (20.5 percent) national roads, 35,316 km (41 percent) county roads and 33,158 km (38.5 percent) communal roads, National Institute of Statistics (INS) data reveal on Monday.

Out of the total national roads, 35.2 percent (6,193 km) were European roads, 4.2 percent (747 km) were motorways, 1.6 percent (281 km) was 3 lane traffic roads, 10.3 percent (1,807 km) were 4 lane traffic roads and 0.1 percent (22 km) was 6 lane traffic roads.

A share of 39.9 percent of county roads was light cover roads and 44.4 percent of communal roads were stone covered roads.

From the point of view of the pavement, the structure of public roads network registered the following: 32,641 km (37.9 percent) modernized roads (out of which 91.3 percent were modernized roads with hard and middle asphalt cover), 21,136 km (24.6 percent) light cover roads and 32,303 km (37.5 percent) stone and ground roads.

As to the technical status of the public roads, 41.5 percent of the modernized roads and 51.2 percent of the light cover roads had overrun service duration.

INS data also show that on December 31, 2015, the railways of public use under exploitation amounted to 10,770 km, out of which 10632 km (98.7 percent) were normal gauge rails, 4 km narrow gauge rails and 134 km large gauge rails.

The density of rails per 1,000 km territory was 45.2‰. The highest densities were registered in Bucharest-Ilfov (153.2‰) region, West region (58.9‰) and in the South-East region and in the North-West region (48.8‰). At end -2015, the length of electrified railways under exploitation was 4,030 km representing 37.4 percent of railway network under exploitation.

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