How many Romanians have surfed the Internet in 2016?

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Almost 70 percent of the people aged from 16 to 74 in Romania, meaning 10.6 million users, have surfed the Internet in 2016, up by 1.2 points compared to the previous year, according to the National Statistics Institute (INS). The same report says that 65% of the Romanian households had access to Internet at home this year, up by 4 pct compared to 2015. 65.4% of them are located in the urban area.

So, overall 69.7% of the people aged from 16 to 74 have used the net in 2016.

Internet connection was more widespread in Bucharest-Ilfov area (where over 4 in 5 households had net access at home), followed by the Northwest, West, South-West Oltenia, Centre and Southeast regions.

On the other hand, the lowest shares of the households connected to Internet are in South Muntenia region (58%) and Northeast region (57.1%).

Regarding the type of the Internet connection at home, 86.8% is represented by the fixed broadband connections. Mobile broadband connections represent 43.2% and narrowband connections are 10.3%.

Most of the households opting for the fixed broadband connections this year are from Bucharest-Ilfov region (16.2%), Northeast region and Northwest region (13.8% each) and South Muntenia (13.4%).

Mobile broadband connections prevail in South Muntenia (15.5%), Bucharest-Ilfov (14.9%) and Southeast (14.2%).

69.7% of the Romanians aged from 16 to 74 have ever used the net, with 85.3% in the last three months. Among the current users, 71.3% are using Internet on a daily basis.

Men are using the Internet more frequently than women (72.2% men and 67.2% women).

Most of the Romanian nationals aged from 16 to 34 are using Internet (91.9%), with the percentage decreasing as they get older. Only 38.4% of the Romanians aged from 55 to 74 are using the net, INS reports.

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