How much are Romanians spending on St. Nicholas presents?


Romanians will allot about RON 340 on average for the Saint Nicholas presents this year, which represents a slight increase as against last year, according to a recent online survey conducted by Mednet Marketing Research during November 24-29.

The most sought after gifts are sweets, toys and clothes.

44% of the respondents said they will spend from RON 100 to RON 250 on Saint Nicholas presents, while 31.4% will spend more, RON 251 to RON 500. 16.3% will allot more than RON 500 for this occasion, and 7.7% say they will spend less than RON 100.

The survey shows that the gift list resembles the one last year, with the most sought after products being sweets (72.5%), toys (45.3%) and clothes/shoes (40.3%).

However, Romanians also like to give books, perfumes or fruits, but most expensive gifts as well such as jewels, smartphones or tablets, trips or home appliances.

4.4% of the respondents declared they would directly give money to the beloved ones.

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