How much does a taxi ride from the airport to the capital cities cost?

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The free travel metasearch team has analyzed the prices for taxi rides from the airport to the city center for 140 capitals worldwide. Bucharest ranks 38th among the cheapest taxi journeys among all the cities analyzed, and the cost (approx. 10 EUR) is similar to that of other 9 capitals, including Doha, Warsaw or Tbilisi.

Usually, the cheapest prices during a trip are when purchasing flights or accommodation. However, there are many cases where the cost of the flight ticket is lower than for the transfer from the airport that we land to downtown. Momondo experts have compiled a ranking of the most expensive / cheap taxi trips to the airport to help Romanian tourists more accurately plan their vacation budget. The travel distances were also included, for a clearer picture of the duration of the trip and of the adjacent reservations.

The most expensive transfers from the airport

The average price for travel from the busiest airports in 140 capitals to the central points of the respective cities is 25 EUR, and the average distance is approximately 21 km, both values ​​being greater than those corresponding to the Romanian capital: 10 EUR for a ride of approx. 16.5 km.

The most expensive travel in the world is from Narita Airport, which is 71.5 km from Tokyo city center and costs equivalent to 200 EUR. In Europe, the highest price for a taxi ride to the city center will be paid by tourists flying to Oslo or Reykjavik: 100 EUR for a ride of about 50 km. Only 10 EUR less will pay those flying to London or Monaco.

Top 10 highest fixed rates in Euro for taxi rides:

City / Airport Distance to city center Fixed rate
Tokyo / Narita 71.5 km 200 EUR
Oslo 50 km 100 EUR
Reykjavik 49 km 100 EUR
Washington / Dulles 43 km 90 EUR
Monaco / Nice Côte d’Azur 30 km 90 EUR
London / Heathrow 27 km 90 EUR
Stockholm / Arlanda 40 km 60 EUR
Bern 12 km 60 EUR
Paris / Charles de Gaulle 30 km 55 EUR
Seoul / Incheon 60 km 50 EUR


The cheapest transfers from the airport

According to expectations, cities in Western Europe are missing from this ranking, with the lowest prices being found in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan (2 EUR) and Tunis (3 EUR). Chisinau, the neighboring capital, ranks last in the ranking of the 10 cheapest transfers in the world, being the only European city in this top dominated by African locations.

City / Airport Distance to city center Fixed rate
Tashkent 7 km 2 EUR
Tunis 8 km 3 EUR
Dushanbe 8 km 3 EUR
Kathmandu / Tribhuvan 7 km 4 EUR
Bissau 9 km 4 EUR
Banjul 24 km 4 EUR
Brazzaville 3 km 5 EUR
Tegucigalpa 6 km 5 EUR
Victoria 10 km 5 EUR
Chisinau 13 km 5 EUR


Of course, distance is not always the key factor in pricing taxi services. For approximately the same distance in cities like Bucharest and Amsterdam, travelers will pay more than 4 times the difference in the second city, or only half the home price when flying to Antananarivo. In terms of service costs per kilometer, the most expensive airports in Europe are those in Bern, Luxembourg and Copenhagen. To save money, travelers can choose to order a car online or go for public transportation, such as trains or buses. If the offer of public transport is not satisfactory, tourists can always group with other travelers to share a taxi to the city center,” commented Irina Ryabovol, PR manager for Eastern Europe at momondo,

Regarding the transfer from the airports in Romania, the highest fare will be paid by the passengers who land on the Mihail Kogălniceanu Airport near Constanța: approx. 17 EUR. Iași, Timișoara and Sibiu are the cheapest destinations to reach at from the airport: approx. 4 EUR.

City / Airport Distance to city center Fixed rate
Bucharest 16.5 km 10 EUR
Cluj Napoca 9 km 4.5 EUR
Timisoara 10 km 4 EUR
Iasi 8 km 4 EUR
Constanta 26 km 17 EUR
Craiova 7 km 5 EUR
Sibiu 3 km 4 EUR

The analysis is based on data regarding 140 capitals from the entire world and takes into account the official rates of taxi companies authorized by the airports that serve the largest number of passengers in the respective cities. The prices correspond to a trip from the airport to the city center and have as source the official websites of the airports in October 2019. The values ​​can be changed and the rides can become unavailable.

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