How much Romanians spend watching TV and which are their favorite TV channels?

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Romanians spend 3.3 hours on average watching TV during the week and 3.7 hours during weekends, reveals a study about the TV and video consumption in Romania.

The study has been released by SES Astra Romania, part of SES, the international satellite operator, and has been conducted by Mercury Research on 401 respondents in June this year.

The survey shows that youngsters are usually watching TV an hour less than the old people and that Romanians are still watching the classic TV format, the linear TV, rather than online TV.

On the other hand, the TV sets are getting bigger and more performing. A third of Romanians (36%) would change his/her TV provider for a better offer on HD and Ultra HD channels.

In terms of time spent on TV, in 2019, a Romanian is watching TV 3.3 hours on average during the week, and 3.7 hours during weekends.

Youngsters aged from 18 to 34 spend one hour less watching TV (2.9h) than the old aged (over 55 years old)- 3.9h.

Asked what channel would watch if they were to live on a desert island, over a quarter of the respondents chose Pro TV (27%). 9% would watch Antena 1, 8%-Kanal D, 5%-TVR 1 and 4%-HBO.

17 youngsters would watch movie channels, while 20% of those older than 55 would watch news channels.

Romanians’ favorite TV platforms based on subscriptions are Netflix (22%), HBO Go (15%).

45% say they have access to video content services and spend 2.5 hours/day on average to consume online video content. Half of the respondents use their mobile for the video content, 27%-laptop, 27%-online video TV.

45% says they mostly watch video clips, 36%-movies, 32%-news and 31% documentaries.

An Eurostat survey last year revealed that Romanians were among the Europeans most glued to screens outside of work.

Another study in 2017 showed that half of the Romanian are watching TV while having dinner.

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