How would Bucharesters want the Capital to look like?


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Bucharesters want to be more involved in decision-making process of their city, so they have sent several suggestions within the “Proposals for Bucharest” project, meant to improve the Capital’s life. More precisely, they suggested charging stations, parking for the electric vehicles, tartan running tracks or GPS displays in the public transport stations.

Almost 80 Bucharesters have posted their ideas at on how their life could be improved. Most of them consider that bus stations should be revamped, some think they should be more smart, also suggesting applications for other local problems, such as when SMURD assistance is needed, while others came with the idea of setting up a multifunctional socio-professional insertion center for the vulnerable people.

One of the Bucharest residents’ proposals refers to the charging stations for electrical vehicles.

Another resident suggests that every park should be equipped with electrical outlets to charge laptops. He even estimated a price for this project, mounting to EUR 3,000.

Building a multifunctional professional insertion center for vulnerable people would be an “inclusive hub”, which could be set up for EUR 2000,000.

A person proposed a project to refurbish “Lacul Morii” island, which would also cost EUR 200,000, while another idea referred to setting up a tartan running track in Herastrau park, assessed to EUR 169,000.

Another Bucharesters would like “a free city”, namely he would like local authorities to ban traffic one day per week on certain avenues in Bucharest.

“Smurd Social” would be an application for the vulnerable people high on the Bucharesters’ list.

The Capital residents also proposed Wi-Fi Internet in the public transportation means, GPS displays across stations to tell exactly when the buses, trolleys and trams come and go, a smartphone app so that citizens could send their notifications to the City Hall or bike parking in the tube stations.

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