Hundreds of illiterate people bought themselves driving licenses. Some have caused accidents

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Hundreds of people from Bolintin locality, Giurgiu county would have obtained their driving licenses illegally, as they didn’t know to read and write, a Digi24 footage reveals. Many of them have already caused car accidents, with the Prosecutor’s Office upon Giurgiu Tribunal opening several criminal files on this issue, which yet have been dragging for more than two years. Traffic police officers and driving instructors would have set this criminal organised group five years ago,  helping the illiterate guys pass the driving exam in exchange for bribe.

The above mentioned source reported that such a man in Bolintin would gave given EUR 5,000 bribe to obtain the driving license. The bribe was usually split among the instructors and the policemen working at the Driving Licenses department in Giurgiu.

The sources quoted by Digi24 disclosed that the basic link in the chain was the policeman who supervised the driving written test. The illiterate candidates were brought in the examination room at the end of the test and the policeman would pass near their computers, read the questions and showed the correct answer on his fingers from behind.

The entire network was uncovered following several car accidents involving the illegal drivers. During hearings, police officers from other counties noticed that the drivers from Bolintin did not know to read and write.

The cases were taken before prosecutors and the Prosecutor’s Office upon the Giurgiu Tribunal opened criminal files, which, however, have been dragging in their office for more then two years.

Neither the prosecutors upon Giurgiu Tribunal, nor the Bolintin Police wanted to react on the footage.

A similar case was exposed in Pitesti 11 years ago, when several VIPs and even mayors illegally obtained driving licenses after bribing the police officers.

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