Hundreds of trade unionists protest in front of Gov’t offices

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Hundreds of trade unionists have staged protests on Tuesday, in front of the Government building. The unionists come from Dacia, Ford plants, from the chemical and navel industries and request the amendment of the labour legislation in accordance with the European and international norms, B1 TV private broadcaster informs. The most pressing discontent is that the collective bargaining agreements have not been signed.

The employees come from the counties of Olt, Bacau, Arges, Constanta, Brasov and Bistrita-Nasaud.

The protesters chanted “PSD don’t forget, Romania is not yours” and “Dragnea, don’t forget, the jail is yours”.

The Alliance of trade union Federations in Industry announced the meeting on Tuesday given the discontent regarding the lack of recognition of the importance of processing industry at the level of the national economy, requesting support for training and employment, and support to promote the marketing of goods and services produced in Romania, informs.

Achille Dutu, president of the Trade Unions federation in Chemistry and Petro chemistry, said that the protesters will have talks with the Government.

“We want amendments to the law on social dialogue. (…) During the past eight years, we have become slaves in our country and we believe it is the time to amend the law. The wages are at the minimum level. We had talks at the Chamber of Deputies’ Labour Committee and the law is being analysed. (…) We’ve been announced we will have talks with the Government, with a state secretary, it seems the Labour Minister intends to talks to us. We’ll do everything in our power to amend the law,” Dutu said.

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