Hungary has reportedly started building the anti-migrants fence at the border with Romania


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Hungary has mounted the first poles of the anti-refugees fence at the border with Romania. Our neighbours fear a huge wave of migrants coming through our country, so the first limits have been drawn on 50 kilometres, reports.

“The cartographers have measured the land and marked with stakes the fence line that will follow the boundary line. If the migrants’ network will start and we will not be able to stop them otherwise, it will be useful construction,” says Antal Eszenyi, Bedo village mayor in Hungary.

“This is the milestone marking the border between the two countries – Romania and Hungary. Just three meters from it there is a pole indicating the alignment on which barbed wire will be mounted,” Digi24 Oradea reporter informed.

The poles have been installed until now on 50 kilometres, but the fence between the two countries will have 250 kilometres overall.

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