Hyperbaric chamber at Floreasca’s ward for burnt, bought for antiageing treatment

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The new ward for burnt patients hosted by the Floreasca Hospital in Bucharest and the hyperbaric chamber are amid new scandal after information revealed they are still not functional. The Health minister himself disclosed that the hyperbaric chamber worth RON 3.4 M cannot be used for the burns’ treatment, but it has been designed for antiageing procedures.

Health Minister Vlad Voiculescu told a press conference on Thursday that the the hyperbaric chamber bought at Floreasca Hospital was designed for antiageing treatments or for skin revigoration and not for treating serious burns.

„The hyperbaric chamber cannot be used for serious burns’ treatment. I don’t think it had ever had this purpose. I understand that it can be used for antiageing procedures and stuff like this,” the minister said, adding he heard this information from the Floreasca medical staff.

On the other hand, the head of the Ward for Burnt from Floreasca Hospital, Adrian Frunza tells Mediafax that the hyperbaric chamber is being relocated and that it has never been used since it has been bought. However, the doctor argues that it will be used for the burns’ treatment but as well as for other patologies.

The ward for burnt patients within Floreasca Hospital has been commissioned thrice in the past six years. Opened for the first time in 2010 after an investment of EUR 9 M, the ward remained non-operating due to the medical staff shortage. A second inauguration was missed in April 2015 and a third one led to the hospital management’s removal.

The unit’s construction lasted eight years and it was only in 2010 when a special pure air device has been fixed. Another six years were needed for the medical furnishing to be purchased.

The ward for burnt of the Floreasca Hospital has six rooms with unique devices in Romania, where six patients with severe burns could be treated at the same time. After the Colectiv fire tragedy, the deadlock was revealed and generated a public scandal, for the injured with severe burns could not be admitted to that ward.

A Health ministry’s check revealed early this year that the employees were not all at work at the ward for burnt, as many of them were also working in other wards, in the intensive care unit or at the plastic surgery ward.

Prosecutors started in rem prosecution for abuse of office in this case after the Health Ministry’s control body had found more irregularities at the Floreasca Hospital’s ward for burnt people. In July, the case has been taken over by the National Anti-corruption Directorate.

The money to build and equip the ward for burnt came from the World Bank, Health Ministry and the District 1 city hall.

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