Ice hotel at Balea Lake, booked by US and British tourists during Christmas and for the New Year’s Eve

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American and British tourists have booked the ice hotel at Balea Lake, Sibiu County, situated at more than 2,000 metres altitude, during Christmas.

The tourists have slept in ice rooms and the meals are served on ice-made trays.

The ice hotel’s representative, Andrea Todaras, says the trays and the chairs are made of ice as well.

“We’ve had Ice Dinner served on ice trays in our ice restaurant, named Ferdinand I, the chairs and the tables are made of ice at Balea Lake. The American and British tourists here are open to such ideas,” Toderas said.

The hotel is built entirely of ice and is also booked for the New Year’s Eve. It was sold out to groups of British tourists during the summer.

“It’s fully booked from the summer. Most of the tourists expected to arrive are British. They will be served international dishes. There are two menus, one vegetarian and the other one includes meat,” Toderas added.

The menu at the ice hotel costs RON 250 (approx. EUR 53) and for a room for two persons the tourists pay EUR 100.

The Balea Lake ice hotel can be reached only by cable. The Transfagarasan road is closed for traffic during winter.

The maximum temperatures at Balea Lake do not exceed -10 degrees Celsius in December.

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