Illegal waste brought from Italy to Romania. Other 16 illegal waste containers exposed in Constanta Port


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Environment inspectors have found out more waste imported from Italy and illegally deposited in Ineu and Vadu Crisului, Bihor county.

The inspectors determined that the importers used fake documents to bring the dump in Romania where the waste was supposed to be burnt or recycled.

Bihor Environment Guard gave a RON 60,000 fine and filed a criminal complaints against the importer company.

Meanwhile, checks are going on in Bihor county, for there might be other clandestine dumpsters as well.

Last week, inspectors found a first waste transport that was supposed to just transit Romania, as the documents said, which was actually abandoned in the area of Ineu de Cris village.

The Romanian authorities will notify their Italian counterparts to bear the costs of the waste repatriation.

On top of all, despite mass media notified the opinion public over the illegal waste transports in Bihor, in another corner of Romania, 16 waste containers were found out in Constanta Sud Agigea Port (southeastern country).

According to the official documents accompanying the transport, the containers were filled with second hand household objects, downloaded from a Dutch ship arrived from UK, but investigations revealed that it was just illegal waste.

The Romanian Coast Guard announced on Thursday night that two Romanians and a British citizen are investigated in this case, under the charge of illegal waste imports in Romania.

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