Immunoglobulin crisis in Romania. Health minister blames the producers

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Romania is facing an acute shortage of immunoglobulin. Several parents and their children gathered in front of the Health Ministry’s offices to protest against the lack of immunoglobulin, necessary for the treatment of their children.

In retort, the Health Minister says the lack of this substance is due to the production problems encountered by the producers. The minister said he would ask the Bulgarian authorities to provide this substance until stocks will be filled in Romania.

“It’s a situation encountered all across Europe, I will discuss the topic at the council of ministers due in Brussels in early December. The parallel exports and the companies’ more and more frequent production problems are turning into a public health case not only in Romania,” says Health minister Florian Bodog.

He is to talk to his Bulgarian counterpart on Tuesday to check the situation of the immunoglobulin stocks in the neighbouring country, as Romania and Bulgaria have a collaboration agreement on the common medicine acquisition.

The minister has also asked for an urgent meeting with the companies producing immunoglobulin to identify the solutions on supplies and to check if these companies have observed the legal provisions on the supplying procedures.

The immunoglobulin is a substance obtained form the human plasma, which, after processing, contains antibodies that protect the body against diseases, by neutralizing pathogens such as pathogenic bacteria and viruses.

Patients suffering of autoimmune diseases are the most affected by the lack of immunoglobulin.

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