In 2060 Romania might have only 11 million inhabitants

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6 million children and adolescents lived in Romania in 2000, accounting for about 26% of the total population. In 2010, their number had fallen to 4.3 million, and in 2017 those under the age of 20 were 4.1 million, representing 21% of the total population.

At the current pace, the National Statistics Institute (INS) says that the population of Romania will be down to 11 million in 2060. Of these, only 1.75 million will be children and adolescents, representing only 16% of the total, reports.

“In the past decades, one third of the decline of the resident population was determined by the natural increase, the remaining two thirds being attributable to the negative balance of the international migration”, INS informs.

Currently, around 85,000 people leave the country per year, and the number of settlers here (whether they are Romanians who return home or citizens from other states) is significantly lower. In addition, the birth rate is 9.6 per thousand inhabitants, while the mortality rate is 13 per thousand. In other words, about 190,000 children are born each year and about 260,000 people die. The imbalance is caused by the fact that families in Romania have on average 1.6 children. In order to keep the population constant, this indicator (called replacement level) should be 2.1 children per couple.

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