In Romania there are parents who have not even RON 10 to buy a Christmas present to their children


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Half of the families in Romania cannot afford to buy a Christmas present for their children. One in six parents does not even have 10 lei available to offer the little ones something symbolic, for the  winter holidays, says a survey conducted by World Vision Romania.

One month before Christmas, a World Vision Romania study reveals the heartbreaking reality that thousands of families will endure. One in two families cannot afford to buy a Christmas present.

More than half of the parents say that the Christmas period is a stressful one for them, 74% of the parents being stressed due to lack of money. Also, 30% of parents say they are ashamed that they cannot provide the family with the necessary things, while 14% are afraid that they have nothing to heat the house with.

One in six parents does not even have 10 lei for the Christmas present, and one third of the parents have less than 50 lei to buy a gift. In addition, about 70% of parents would choose a gift that covers a basic need, for example food, clothes, shoes. Less than 30% would buy a gift to make the child happy, even if it is not a basic necessity.

One third of vulnerable families in rural areas did not have a Christmas tree last Christmas, while more than 50% of families had a poorly decorated Christmas tree. Only 20% of the families had the Christmas tree they wanted last year.

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