In Romania, very few steal a lot, survey reveals

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In Romania, very few steal a lot – this is the conclusion of a recent survey. The European University Institute, through the Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, conducted a sociological research in four countries – the UK, Italy, Sweden and the United States – in order to understand why some people pay their taxes willingly and others do not and what mechanisms lead to this behaviour.

Attracted by the novelty of the study, researchers from the Academy of Economic Studies (ASE) in Bucharest rallied to this survey, they used the same algorithm and the same parameters to get Romania into the equation, reports.

According to the survey, the Romanians have a tendency above the European average to voluntary compliance, the possible conclusion being that, helped by the state’s weak administrative capacity a small number of tax dodgers are responsible for the fact that evasion reaches EUR 20 billion annually (data delivered by the Fiscal Council).

Moreover, the Court of Auditors report for 2014 showed that 76% of the total recoverable debts belong to 2.7% of the taxpayers.

Romanian survey was conducted in two cities on over 300 subjects.

The conclusions in the case of Romania:

– According to the Fiscal Council, tax evasion reaches 15% of GDP;

– The degree of compliance, according to research presented, is somewhere around 80%;

– Obvious conclusion: very few steal a lot.

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