Incident during the Saber Guardian 2017 drills. NATO armoured transporter sinks at Borduşani

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A NATO armoured transporter (TAB) sank at Borduşani, in the Borcea arm of the Danube. The three crew members managed to save themselves. The incident took place during the Saber Guardian 2017 military exercise, informs.

A TAB entered the water, and after tens of meters, and at some point a problem occurred and the water flooded the TAB.

The military in the TAB came out safely and were taken over by a nearby boat, Digi 24 TV informs.

According to the Defence Ministry, Saber Guardian 2017 (SG17) is the largest exercise in the region of our country. At SG17 there are 25,000 troops from 22 allied and partner countries. The exercise, led by the United States Land Forces in Europe (USAREUR), is going on in Bulgaria, Romania and Hungary during July 11-20.


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