Indian summer to linger till October 21

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The weather will remain warmer than usual for this time of the year until October 21, the national weathermen announced on Monday. The real autumn chilly weather and rains will vest after this episode of Indian summer.

There will be maximum temperatures ranging from 24C to 26C in Banat, western Romania, during October 14-21. After October 21, temperatures will fall gradually to 18C and lower, also with rains in store.

Temperatures will range from 22C to 24C in Transylvania, central country, the upcoming week and will climb to an average of 18C and lows of 4C-7C.

In Moldavia, eastern country, there will be high temperatures until October 21, ranging from 20C to 24C. After next Monday, the weather will get chillier down to 14C-9C. Rainfalls will prevail after October 22.

In Dobruja and on the seaside (southeast), the maximum temperatures will be lower than in the rest of the country, around 20C. They will gradually climb down to 16C-18C.

In Muntenia (south), maximum temperatures will range from 22C to 25C, but they will also gradually fall to an average of 16-18C during October 22-October 24. Rains are mostly expected during October 22-October 27.

In Oltenia, southwest, there will be the highest temperatures of this period- 22-26C. The weather will get colder and colder, dropping to 16-18C and also bringing rains.

There will be much warmer than usual in the mountains as well during October 14-21. After October 16, the average temperature will stand at 14C and at a low of 8-9C. It will ran mostly during October 21-27.

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