INSCOP survey: Most Romanians say corruption, Russia are main threats


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The main threat for Romania is the corruption, Romanians believe, according to an INSCOP survey released on Monday, whereas in terms of security Russia is seen as the main risk.

Asked about threats in the near future: 35% of the interviewees point to corruption, 18.9% to economic crisis, 15.4% to a war in the region and 13.9% to political scandals. Some 8.5% mention the natural disasters, 5.2% terrorism and 0.7% irredentism of some countries in the region.

Neighbouring countries considered as friendly are Republic of Moldova, 78.5% Bulgaria 59% and Serbia 50%. On the last positions are Ukraine 40% and Hungary 27.1%.

Most Romanians believe Russia remains the main threat in terms of security – 64.4%.

62.6% of respondents say Hungary acts in order to take control over Transylvania, in one way or another.

59.2% believe Romania should allot more money for defence and 58.2% say Hungary mingles in Romania’s domestic affairs, the survey reads, according to

Almost half of Romanians (49.2%) say accession to the EU has brought advantages for Romania, 35% say no advantages and no disadvantages have been noticed and 12% believe mostly disadvantages have been brought.

Almost 45% say the Romanian-US relations should become closer and 39% say they should remain as they are, only 5.7% say the relations should not be so close.

In terms of security, 33.6% say the country is best defended by NATO, 24% point to domestic defence and public order institutions (Army, intelligence services, Police) and 12.6% believe we cannot effectively defend by ourselves or with the support of the allies. Some 9.7% say the country’ security is best defended by the European Union and 9.2% by the alliance with the US.

76.6% say it is an economic advantage to have access to the Black Sea, whereas 17.1% say it is a disadvantage because we are at the NATO/EU border, being thus exposed to various threats to the national security.

In terms of international policy, 65.8% of Romanians get informed from the TV news, 22.1% from the Internet, some 3.6% from social networks and 2.1% from specialized magazines.

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