Intelligent fire-detecting drone invented by Romanian high school students

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Four high school students from Eforie Sud, Constanta County invented a drone that can prevent fires. They have worked to make the device for four months. The Romanian team will present its invention at a science competition in the United States of America.

The drone’s frame was ordered from a professional website and after that, the pupils, together with their teacher, assembled each piece, from detectors, video camera, engines to rotator.

“Practically the drone is just the vehicle, as the most important part and the project’s essence is actually the micro controller with the sensor,” explained one of the boys, Vlad Neagu, for Digi24.

Another boy, Paul Paraschiv told reporters they came up with this idea watching TV documentaries tackling global warming and forest fires topics. Paul also said the sensor is highly sensitive, which is a good thing because it will properly and quickly read all information. So, the person controlling the drone will be accurately informed about the fire’s location and amplitude.

All information the drone is collecting will be delivered to the ground in real time, and automatically downloaded in a computer that will analyze them.

“Ultimately, the drone will also have a thermal vision camera, meaning a small incorporated chip which will deliver a 80/60 pixel image so that the real temperature of the fire should be located,” physics teacher Florin Serbu also said.

The inventors’ team will present the drone at the I-Sweep Olympiad in Houston, Texas due at the end of May. The trip total costs amount to USD 9,000.

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