Interior Minister after Caras Severin case: Policemen connected to criminal networks to be called for questioning

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Interior minister, Marcel Vela, has announced ‘a cleaning’ within the ministry in the upcoming period, with all policemen connected to the crime groups being called for questioning and held responsible.

His announcement comes following the disclosure of a scandal where several policemen and the prefect of Caras Severin are investigated for giving gun permits to certain people in exchange for some fees and without the beneficiaries passing through a serious examination.

“Policemen who have connections with the crime networks are targeted by the investigators countrywide in the coming period. After the case in Caras-Severin, all police officers linked to these crime rings will be summoned for hearings,” minister Vela said, adding that cleaning operations will continue until the confidence in the ministry is restored.

Following searches in Caras-Severin, the prefect of the county Matei Lupu has resigned. He is also prosecuted under judicial control, while other five suspects, policemen, were detained for 24 hours. Among the five arrested there is the chief of the Weapons and Ammunition Service within the Caras Severin Police Inspectorate.

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