Interior minister explains the latest lockdown measures

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Interior minister Marcel Vela made a new call to calm and responsibility during this time after the total lockdown has been enforced in Romania, telling Digi 24 that if people had respected the measures imposed as recommendations in the second military ordinance the third military act might not have been enforced.

Asked is authorities are considering more restrictions and measures, minister Vela said that the measures will be taken gradually. “If people had respected the conditions in the second ordinance, maybe there would not have been conditions to issue the third ordinance, but people would joke about that (…) We are all part of this war and we must be responsible”.

Referring to the recently enforced measures that compel people who get out of their houses to have affidavits or statements from employers, the minister explained that the information in these statements is checked and those who make false statements will be checked, as well.

Vela said that people who go out to walk the dog won’t need this affidavits for when they are hecked the police will see on their ID papers that the residence address is the one around the block.

Army in the street downtown Bucharest

Several Humvees have shown up downtown Bucharest, in Unirii Square today, with authorities saying there is no need for panic, but the army men had been deployed in the street to help policemen.

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