Interior Minister: File on August 10 protest to be declassified this week

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Interior Minister Marcel Vela has announced that the file on the Diaspora rally of August 10, 2018 will be declassified this week, with a report on this case starting as of Wednesday. The minister explained there are several procedures that have to be gone through, as there are other institutions involved.

My answer as minister of Interior is <The sooner the better. By Friday, at the latest”, Vela told Europa FM.

The minister said he must also talk to the other institutions involved to get thee go-ahead for the declassification.

“I am confident the answer will be quick, meaning hours, not days. Starting Wednesday, it is possible to have a press release on this topic. You will find the course of the events, which institutions were involved and all that the report contains,” Vela said.

During hearings in Parliament before getting the green light for the minister position, Marcel Vela said the report on the Diaspora protest on August 10, 2018 must be declassified, even if doesn’t contain “extraordinary” things. He argued that the fact the report is still classified generates uncertainty in the state institutions.

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