Internal inquiry at TelDrum after the #TeleormanLeaks

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TelDrum deputy manager, Florea Nedea has had the first reaction in the case of the bag with leaked documents from the company found on a field in Teleorman, stating that if the information contained in the suitcase is real, then it could only came from someone inside the company who had access to documents and photos.

Nedea said there is an investigation under way in the company to see where the leak comes from, who is the person who allowed it, adding that his or her identity will be deducted from the photos that will be released.

The deputy manager said he had not known about the suitcase scandal and that the only clue about it has been a phone call from a Rise Project reporter on Friday.

He mocked that fact the suitcase had been found by a villager and said the case seems suspicious to him.  „Someone from Rise Project called me on Friday and asked me if I am in Brazil. I told him I could be monitored through GPS and that’s it (…) I don’t know where the documents come from. We will know after featuring the photos. It’s definitely someone from TelDrum behind this leak. I was away these days and I really didn’t know about the suitcase,” Nedea said.

Florea Nedea is defendant in the TelDrum file investigated by the National Anti-corruption Directorate, being investigated for undue benefits from EU funds.

A bag with documents belonging to TelDrum company (reportedly controlled by PSD Chair Liviu Dragnea and currently under criminal prosecution) would have been found by a villagers on a field in Teleorman county. The documents point to major information from inside the firm, information that the anti-corruption had not found when they searched the office last year in the file that also targets Liviu Dragnea. The case is related to corruption charges at the time when Dragnea was the chairman of the Teleorman County Council.

The man that would have found the bag with the documents contacted the journalists of Rise Project, a website known for its journalistic investigations.

Ex-president Basescu retorts after his name comes up in the Suitcase scandal

After his phone number has allegedly come up on the notebook found in the TelDrum suitcase, former President Traian Basescu said that his phone number is public and well known and it could be in anyone’s notebook, also denying any connection with TelDrum management.

To prevent speculation, I want to make things clear. I understand that in the already famous suitcase <found on the field> allegedly containing TelDrum documents, a notebook would have also been found with my phone number included. 1. My phone number (both mobile and landline) are public and known and they can be in anyone’s notebook. 2. I have never known or intentionally met or spoken on the phone or directly to people in TelDrum management. Have a nice day!”, reads Basescu’s Facebook post.

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