International trains transiting Romania suspended over coronavirus crisis

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To counter the spread of COVID-19 infections and following Hungary’s decision to close its borders for all citizens, except Hungarians, CFR Calatori has temporarily suspended the traffic of international trains that link Romania to Hungary.

Ten trains are operating through the Curtici customs to Hungary on a daily basis (roundtrip).

·72/ 73 Bucharest North – Budapest, and roundtrip, will go only to Timisoara and back.
· 74/ 75 Brașov – Budapest, and roundtrip. The train is going only to Arad and back.
· 78/ 79 Timișoara North – Budapest and roundtrip, entirely suspended
· 346 Bucharest North – Budapest – Vienna, entirely suspended
· 347 Vienna- Budapest – Bucharest North, will go only from Arad to Bucharest and back.
· 472 Bucharest North – Budapest, only to Arad
· 473 Budapest – Bucharest, entirely suspended.

Other international trains to R. of Moldova, Ukraine, Bulgaria and some to Hungary had been already suspended the previous days.

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