Ioana Panculescu climbs the death toll of Colectiv fire to 61

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When things seemed to calm down, the disaster of ‘Colectiv’ nightclub fire counts new victim, the death toll exceeding the 60 threshold.

36yo Ioana Panculescu was initially hospitalized at Bagdasar Arseni Hospital and transported later to a clinic in Germany.

Her health status was critical from the very beginning. Unfortunately, she died Sunday at around 7.30 pm. Friends and relatives were beside her throughout this period, as Ioana was orphan.

Psychologist by trade, Ioana lost both her parents many years ago. As Goodbye to Gravity was one of her favorite bands, she went to the Colectiv club with several friends to attend the band’s album-launching show on October 30.ioana

She was in very serious condition, with burns on most part of the body and with digestive complications. Her cousins were standing by her side while she was admitted in hospital. A fund-raising campaign was launched back then so that the members of her family could go with her in Germany.

At present, 22 victims are still hospitalized in Bucharest, with 2 patients still in critical condition and other 27 are treated in several hospitals abroad, according to the Health Ministry’ latest information.

Recently, Romanians went to the Colectiv club in Bucharest to light a candle in the memory of the deadly fire’s victims, marking 40 days after the tragedy.

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