Iohannis: Medical staff working with COVID-19 patients to get EUR 500 signing bonus. Suceava Hospital militarised

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Doctors and nurses who are working with COVID-19 patients will receive a monthly bonus of EUR 500, President Klaus Iohannis said, while asking the PM to identify the necessary funds. Iohannis has discussed the critical situation of Suceava hospital in a video conference on Thursday.

“I have asked the Government today to identify the European funds to pay a monthly bonus to the medical staff working with COVID patients. A think EUR 500 a month would be an honorable signing bonus. I talked to PM Orban, to the minister of European Funds,  and I have pledges that they will come up with concrete solutions in the shortest time,” Iohannis said.

The head of state has made a new call on the medical personnel, from Suceava particularly, to come back to work, vowing that tests for doctors and testing equipment will be brought shortly. Iohannis has also announced the hospital in Suceava will be militarised.

Iohannis said that new military procedures will be enforced at Suceava hospital, so the unit will be militarised, with the management being taken over by military doctors, so that “things should get back to normal quickly”.

The President said that 5,000 protective jumpsuits had already been delivered at Suceava Hospital, along with 20,000 protective masks, gloves, and also medicines for the COVID patients. A profound disinfection in the hospital and throughout the entire city will be made.

“There are medicines, protective equipment, there are managers and procedures. There are human resources  in the Suceava hospital, and I particularly address to the doctors and medical personnel from Suceava: please, return to work! Take over patients, observe procedures! We are counting on you! I repeat: doctors, the entire medical staff are in the first defence line of this epidemic. You are needed!”

The newly appointed managers of Suceava County Hospital have resigned last evening.

French, Italian resident physicians work at Arad County Hospital

A special situation is also at Arad County Hospital (western country), where 127 employees were on sick leave, out of there are 35 physicians. Another 40 employees of the hospital resigned, of which 14 doctors.

However, several foreign resident physicians, Italian, French but also from other countries are working at the County Clinical Hospital in Arad.

At present 315 resident physicians are working in the hospital, and some of them are foreigners, most of them with studies in Arad. 15 resident physicians are from Italy, they graduated from Arad Medicine University after 2016.

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