Iohannis slams PSD for failing to implement health prevention programmes. EU Commissioner lobbies for taking tobacco out of supermarkets

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President Klaus Iohannis has attacked the PSD-ALDE ruling again, pointing to the health-related issues. During an event on prevention against smoking hosted at Cotroceni Palace, with the European Commissioner for Health attending, President Iohannis said that the PSD ruling had failed to implement prevention programmes for the population, stressing that rulers show no sign of care for people.

According to the Romanian head of state, banning smoking in closed public spaces has been „a mature and responsible decision” that propelled Romania among the countries that are concerned about protecting their citizens against smoking risks.

Iohannis continued that one of the his term’s priorities on healthcare is to promote the prevention and education on medical issues, arguing that „we already have the certitude that the most widespread diseases of the modern society can be avoided if proper measures are taken in due time”.

It’s encouraging that more and more Romanians understand that it’s absolutely mandatory that we adopt a healthy life style and to be permanently informed on the effects that bad habits, like smoking, can have on their own health condition.

Yet, this individual empowerment must be dubbed and encouraged by the authorities’ effort, Unfortunately, PSD ruling has also failed on prevention, which represents no priority for the current ruling.

As a matter of fact, despite the rulers’ pledges, we don’t see any efficient information campaigns meant to explain people the risks that they are exposing to. And it’s not the only problem. But we don’t see either the long-promised regional hospitals, or the improvement of the health sector’s infrastructure and most seriously, we don’t see the concern for people anywhere.

We see in exchange, ignoring the real healthcare problems, discontent patients, demotivated doctors, crisis, and new TV scandals,” Iohannis pointed out.

The president underlined that the health of the current and future generations must be above all short-term political or electoral target, even if the healthcare programmes do not generate immediate visible effects, but they bring medium and long term benefits.

EU Commissioner for health: Tobacco products should be out of supermarkets

European commissioner for health and food safety, Vytenis Andriukaitis, attending the “The human rights and a world without tobacco” Global Forum” in Bucharest, has launched an appeal to remove tobacco from supermarkets, arguing it is no foodstuff.

Vytenis Andriukaitissaid tobacco is “an invisible killer”, which causes the death of 1.5 million people in the EU on an annual basis.

Let’s do our best to expel tobacco out of supermarkets, where we should find food, not tobacco, for it is not food, it is a killer,” the commissioner said.

He also warned that the percentage of smokers among youngsters has increased form 25% in 2014 to 295 in 2017, stressing that youngsters are mostly exposed to “some very smart commercial” promoting tobacco consumption. Andriukaitis also pointed out that electronic cigarettes should not be allowed “to avoid” the EC control measures against tobacco.

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