Iordache Committee increases minimum seniority for prosecutors of the General Prosecutor’s Office


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In order to work at the Prosecutor’s Office upon the High Court of Cassation and Justice, prosecutors will need a minimum seniority if 15 years, not ten years, as the amended justice laws stipulate. The increase of the necessary seniority has been proposed by PSD senator Robert Cazanciuc and the special committee led by Florin Iordache has Okayed it.

According to the amendment approved by the PSD-ALDE majority, it is also mandatory that prosecutors should not have been sanctioned in the past 3 years, to have a good professional training, an impeccable moral conduct, at least 15 years seniority as prosecutor or judge and to have been appointed in this position following a contest.

The law no 303/2004 on the Statute of judges and prosecutors, as it has been amended in Parliament and after that, by the Government by the GEO 92/2018, stipulates a ten-year seniority, while the condition to have no sanction had no timeframe.

Before the ruling majority amended the justice laws, the minimum seniority for a prosecutor to reach the General Prosecutor’s Office was 8 years.

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