IRES poll: A possible economic crisis is what Romanians fear the most in 2021

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to change Romanians’ perceptions of the risks they face. Thus, they mostly fear a possible economic or financial crisis that would affect their income. In addition, the most frequently mentioned risks continue to include fire, car accidents, illness or natural disasters, according to the latest edition of the UNSAR-IRES Barometer on Risk Perception and Insurance Culture in Romania (2021).

After more than a year marked by a pandemic, the survey shows that an economic or financial crisis which would affect income – a new risk introduced in the survey – is most often mentioned by Romanians, respectively by 67% of respondents.

The top of the risks that Romanians fear is completed by fire (62%, increasing from 60% in 2020), car accidents (62%, compared to 58% last year), diseases (56%, decreasing from 58% ), natural disasters such as earthquakes, floods or landslides (54%, as in 2020), theft (51%, compared to 56%), severe weather events (48%, up from 47%), and other accidents, such as domestic accidents (48%, compared to 45% in 2020).

“Although we see signs of revival, the effects of the pandemic are still being felt. The sociological research we carry out every year helps us to better understand at industry level the concerns that Romanians have about their personal or family safety, their dynamics over time and, especially, how we can protect them more. well through insurance during this period “, said Adrian MARIN, President of UNSAR.

When buying insurance, Romanians rely mostly on how they cover their needs (21%), on the speed in paying compensation (15%) or on the advice offered (12%).

The UNSAR-IRES barometer also reveals that the factors that can amplify the decision to take out insurance are higher incomes (38%), better information (35%), but also the emergence of new, digital products (19%).

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