Israeli Embassy: Investigation in Kovesi case targets employees of a private company – authorities are not involved

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The Israeli Embassy in Bucharest said on Wednesday that the Israeli authorities are not involved in the case presented by the media in Romania on attempts to intimidate the DNA chief Laura Codruţa Kovesi by former officers of the Israeli intelligence, the diplomatic mission showing that investigation targets the employees of a private company.

“The Embassy of Israel wishes to clarify – in regard to the situation made public by the media in Romania – the fact that the Israeli authorities are not involved in this case. We want to emphasize that the investigation targets the employees of a private company which is not related to any Israeli state institution,” a press release issued on Wednesday by the Embassy informs.

Black Cube also denied wrongdoing by its employees and says the reports that company co-CEOs Zorella and Yanus are being investigated are false, reports.

In a statement released in response to the reports, the company says its employees were themselves investigating claims of corruption by the Romanian government.

​“Recently, the company undertook a project in Romania to collect evidence of serious corruption in the Romanian government and its agencies. Whilst performing this work, two of the company’s employees were arrested after having made significant discoveries,” the statement read.

“Needless to say, all of Black Cube’s employees follow local law to the letter, and the allegations against them are unfounded and untrue. We have total confidence that the truth will be revealed, and they will both be released safely to return home in the coming days.”

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