Italian fake doctor Matteo Politi asks to be placed under judicial control, wants to make peace with his victims. New disclosures about the Romanian fake female doctor

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The Italian charged with practicing medicine without actually being a doctor has asked magistrates on Wednesday to be placed under judicial control (facing some restrictions pending trial). Matteo Politi’s lawyer says the Italian has concluded a mediation contract for the charge of fraud, as he is willing to make peace with his victims (patients he operated in the past).

The Italian is now under preventive arrest.

Asked what the Italian had told magistrates, his lawyer said: „He said he wants to make peace with the victims, that he has signed a mediation agreement. He said he agreed the conclusions and that he regrets everything he did”.

Matteo Politi, the Italian who graduated only 9 grades and impersonated a physician, performing plastic surgery in Romania, has been remanded for 30 days. He had been caught at Curtici customs, trying to flee from Romania five days ago.

In 2011, Politi got a sentence of one and a half on probation in Italy, after he had lied he was a doctor for many years and after he had taken the advantage he had the same last name with a renowned cardiologist from Modena, Luigi Vincenzo Politi.

New disclosures about the Romanian fake female doctor working in Bucharest for 10 years

Meanwhile, as mass media revealed another similar case in Romania, a 30-year old woman has forged the MD diploma and has been working for 10 years as gynecologist with the Ilfov Emergency Hospital, more disclosures have surfaced on Wednesday.

Libertatea daily now reveals that Raluca Birsan (photo), not only that pretended to be a doctor, by forging her college decree, she even failed to enter high school. She obtained 1.68 at the high school entrance exam, and was therefore redirected to a vocational school, „Unirea” trade school in Bucharest and eventually abandoned school in the 9th grade.

Following searches, the Carol Davila Medicine University has found out that Raluca Birsan’s graduation diploma is fake. The university discovered that the original diploma belonged to a man who had graduated the „Lucian Blaga” Faculty of Journalism from Sibiu in 2008.

So, the forged diploma had the name of the original university from Sibiu erased and replaced by the Carol Davila Medicine University. The graduation year was also forged, the original year 2008 was replaced by 2012, likewise the duration of the studies, from 4 years to 6 years. An element though remained from the original diploma, the series and number.

Moreover, although the gynecologist physician who worked with Raluca Birsan claims she was just a volunteer and was not performing surgeries, there are photos and testimonies of the patients who gave birth at Ilfov County Hospital which proved the contrary: Raluca Birsan has had access to the operating room for all these years and patients confirmed that the fake female doctor was involved in the surgeries and that she had even stitched them up after delivering the babies.

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