Italian PM pays visit to the bar of the Romanian woman who faced the mafia

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Italian PM Giuseppe Conte has visited on Monday the bar owned by the Romanian woman who dared to face the members of a mafia clan and who had been decorated by the Italian president last week with the highest civilian distinction.

PM Conte told journalists that he had visited „Roxy Bar” for he wanted to advertise the venue and help the business grow,  Il Messagerro reported.

Why this unexpected visit? I haven’t come in solidarity, for the state has already shown that. President Mattarella has already decorated the owners of the bar, they are Knights of the Republic. I came to test the coffee and I can tell you it is very good. And I came to advertise the place for, after the spotlights shift, nobody remembers what has happened,” Conte said.

In April last year, Roxana Roman, the owner of Roxy Bar from Romanina, at Rome’s outskirts, had the courage of facing the members of Casamonica clan. She was awarded the highest civilian order of the Italian Republic last week by President Sergio Mattarella within a ceremony held at Quirinale Palace.

Due to Roxana’s courage, the Italian justice sentenced three of the Casamonica clan to 3 to 5 years in prison.

On April 1, two of the mafia clan devastated the bar owned by Roxana and her husband, Marian, over discontent they were not served before the other clients. Moreover, the Romanian couple received death threats if they did not come back to Romania.

Roxana was not intimidated and went to the police, where she filed several complaints, arguing she cannot give everything up without fight.

The complaint was a normal move. The Casamonica clan is maintaining power through fear in the district. There are so many good people who want a change, but we need a new mentality and that starts with each of us,” Roxana used to say several months ago.

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