Italian renowned therapist Giorgio Nardone to lecture in Bucharest

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Italian Professor Giorgio Nardone, the Director of the Post Graduate School of Brief Strategic Psychotherapy and of the School of Managerial Training in Communication and Strategic Problem Solving is coming to Bucharest on May 16- 17 to hold several conferences, “Helping parents to help their children: problems and solutions“, “If there is a problem, there is also a solution:Problem Solving Strategico”  and “Winning Organization”, focused on problem solving within organizations. The events are due at “Vito Grasso” Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest.

Ezio Peraro, the director of the Italian Cultural Institute in Bucharest is the special guest of the event on children on May 16, while the Italian ambassador to Romania, Diego Brasioli is the special guest on May 17, reads a release of the organizers, the Strategic Therapy Center in Romania.

Co-founder, along with Paul Watzlawick of the of the Centro di Terapia Strategica in Arrezo, Italy, where he conducts work as a psychotherapist, professor, and researcher, Nardone is known as one of the most creative therapists and an outstanding exponent of the researchers’ group, “The Palo Alto School”, due to his innovative contribution.

Giorgio Nardone has innovated brief therapy by devising an advanced therapeutic technology known as “Brief Strategic Therapy”, while changing usual ways of solving problems with a personal model: Strategic Problem Solving.

At present Nardone is the only therapist who can claim more than 15,000 successfully treated cases. His two Intervention Models are patented and used worldwide, his institute is now an internationally recognized center of excellence and innovation, his “school of thought” is followed by psychotherapy, communication and managerial counseling practitioners.

He has written 29 books (3 bestsellers), translated in the most important languages (English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Romanian, Japanese), in which he publishes all research and applications.

The conferences addresses all those who can activate as “change agents” and who are interested in assimilating strategic resolvent (intervention) abilities: psychologists, doctors, managers, entrepreneurs, lawyers, advisers and human resources experts (professionals and students).

Giorgio Nardone and his team from the Strategic Therapy Center have been dealing with organizations for more than 20 years, offering solutions to their particular problems. He considers the organization as a system represents “an emergent quality” that is able to be efficient for its purposes only if it tunefully functions. This kind of situation is initiated and fed through by the relations among the persons who live and act within it, even when, apparently, the organization’s complexity exceeds them; anyway only he persons and their cooperation can build a company’s success or failure. Professor Nardone’s approach involves focalization on the human factor (which creates, feeds and sometimes “poisons” or even destroy the organization and its productive potential), with the aim to redirect attention upon the individual’s potential or upon the organization’s, so that it should increase “its vital energy”.

The event will focus on the interactive discussions between professor Nardone and participants on various topics such as the strategic management, strategic management of the contributors, the fear to decide, management of the fear to decide, etc. During the conference, the educational forming approach will be interactive and “learning by doing“-like, focusing on practical tests.
Those who are interested can register by filling in the blank available here: and send it at until May 13.

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