Journalist Andrei Gheorghe dies aged 56 due to cardio-respiratory arrest

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Journalist Andrei Gheorghe, radio and television producer, has died Monday night at the age of 56. The journalist was found dead in the bathroom of his home in Voluntari, near Bucharest.

The death was officially announced following a 112 call, received after 22.00h, due to cardio-respiratory arrest. According to medical sources, he had passed away 12 hours before he was found.

Andrei Gheorghe was born on January 14, 1962, in Lipetsk, Russia. He has been a radio and television broadcaster, but has also produced documentaries.

Andrei Gheorghe graduated the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature, the Russian-English section of the University of Bucharest. He started his journalistic activity in 1991 as a special reporter with Radio Constanta. Later, he worked with Radio Sky Constanta and consecration came along with the show “13-14” made by Pro FM (1996-2002) and had the presenter position with Pro TV.

In 2002 and 2003, Andrei Gheorghe had for “Antena 1 TV” the show “Gheorghe”, after which he had programs with Radio 21 and Radio Total.

He starred as supporting actor in “Amen” film by Costa Gavras, in Francis Ford Coppola’s “Youth without old age” and collaborated with “Parazitii” music band for the album “Irefutabil”.

In 2004 he became a media advisor and broadcasting director – “Politics, brother!” and “I have news for you!” with Realitatea TV, with which he ended his collaboration in mid 2009, when he left for Kanal D TV.

Andrei Gheorghe was also the presenter of the show “Lost in Panama”, broadcast by Kanal D TV.

He was also adviser to Finance Minister Sebastian Vladescu, in charge of coordinating the Communication Department.


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