Judge Cristi Danilet says Justice has been under assault. Let’s mend what we can!


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Judge Cristi Danilet wrote on the Facebook page that politicians should solve the situation after the vote on Sunday, justice should be regarded with confidence.

“Justice was under assault and the magistrates almost brought to their knees,” Danilet says, adding that the civic society and the brave decisions of some magistrates have prevented total disaster.

He suggests giving up the amendments to the Criminal Codes and the laws of justice, disbanding the Special Section for Investigating Magistrates (SIIJ) and the resignation of some members of the Superior Council of Magistracy (CSM) who supported the amendments.

“Not everything is pink in our system, but certainly they are not brown,” Danilet wrote.

“Let’s not forget, one politician had been sentenced for electoral fraud, but he did not have the political rights banned for undermining democracy; so, this delinquent was elected in Parliament. It’s not the first case. The Parliament, Presidency and the position of Mayor are the only public positions that can be taken over by those having criminal record; in Parliament he was elected speaker of one of the chambers, bringing the office to ridiculous,” Danilet wrote.

He added that the delinquent has supported and changed governments.

Danilet mentions the Justice Minister – on top of everything he was law Professor! – who was supported by a delinquent. This minister has destroyed careers (e.g. Kovesi and Lazar), has blown up the entire justice system and has provided Parliament with a draft bill which returned justice to 2002-2003, when Romania was led by a delinquent that has been sentenced by final decision.

“In Parliament, activities were focused against justice: the initiation of amnesty and pardon (still in Parliament), amendments to already amended codes (now at the Constitutional Court), amendments to hundreds of articles of the laws of justice (more power to the Judicial Inspectorate, the establishment of SIIJ, blowing up CSM structures, the invention of judicial err, the release from office of hundreds of magistrates), the release of thousands of detainees before term, replacing the Government agent to ECHR, thousands of attacks by serving private TV stations,” Danilet said.

“Now the delinquent has been sentenced once more. Some say he is a victim. (…) I say, let’s not be embarrassing. In 2018 and 2019 we were afraid within the system, more than during 2001-2003,” he added.

The judge from Cluj calls for mending what can be mended.

“Let’s mend what we can: let’s give up the amendments to the Criminal Codes, repeal the amendments to the laws of justice, give up SIIJ, CSM members who supported the stupid amendments should resign. (…) I believe in rebuilding. Let’s start with justice, then with Romania. People have to return to normalcy,” the message reads.

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