Judge Horatius Dumbrava resigns from CSM

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Just two months before the current Supreme Council of Magistracy (CSM) concludes its mandate, Judge Horatius Dumbrava, one of the well known magistrates in the institution, has decided to resign.

Judge Horatius Dumbrava has said he has resorted to this decision “because he is in a proceeding in the judicial system.”

“I’ve joined in a proceeding in the judiciary and Friday was the last day of for it. I’ve felt it right that today, the first working day, to resign,” Horatius Dumbrava, CSM member and former Chairman of the Board said on Monday for Mediafax.

The request for Horatius Dumbrava’s resignation will be discussed in the plenary sitting of the Council of Thursday, October 28.

Judge Horatius Dumbrava was elected on January 7, 2011 President of the Superior Council of Magistracy, with 15 votes ‘for’, three ‘against’ and one vote void.

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