Judge sentenced to 7 years in prison for bribe taking, released on parole after only 16 months


Prahova Tribunal has decided to release on parole former judge Veronica Cîrstoiu, sentenced to seven years in prison for bribe taking. She received a bribe of about EUR 630,000 from businessman Dinel Staicu. The decision of the magistrates, taken on October 17, is final.

In June last year, the Supreme Court sentenced Veronica Cîrstoiu to seven years behind bars for taking a bribe of EUR 630,000 from businessman Dinel Staicu in order to annul his sentence received in the file of defrauding the International Bank of Religions.

Anti-corruption prosecutors say that, in order to hide the origin of the EUR 630,000, judge Cîrstoiu “determined her sister to change part of the money received as bribe (by buying an apartment in Bucharest at the price of RON 636,643 on September 12, 2012, on her sister’s name)”.

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