Judicial Inspection checks on prosecutors in the case of the pedophile policeman. Ex-police chief contradicts prosecutors

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After the Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 5 Court accused the policemen of the Police precinct 18 in Bucharest that they had hidden that the pedophile suspect Eugen Stan was a police officer, moreover that they had proposed to close down a previous case on an aggression against a woman in 2016, the former chief of the Police precinct 18, Radu Viorel claimed that in the 2016 assault case, it was known at that moment that Eugen Stan was working at the Traffic Police Brigade.

The event that night was reported by Telex note to the Bucharest Police. The note mentioned twice that the person was a police agent within the Traffic Police Brigade,” Radu Viorel, former head of the precinct 18 in Bucharest, told Digi24.

I say what my colleagues also told me: that night the policeman in charge with that case got in touch with the surveillance prosecutor, and the note in the file says that the suspect was police agent at the Traffic Police Brigade. In the file there is his statement clearly reading that he was a traffic agent. So, the prosecutor’s office cannot claim they haven’t been informed,” the former police chief said.

Moreover, the Judicial Inspection within the Superior Council of Magistracy started an investigation on the prosecutors from the Prosecutor’s Office upon the District 5 Court who investigated Eugen Stan, the policeman suspected of several crimes of sexual aggression.

The inspection was notified ex officio following the information reported by the mass media,” the Judicial Inspection announced, adding it is probing into suspicions of delays in the cases targeting Stan.

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