Judicial Inspection investigate DNA head Kovesi for misconduct again

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The Judicial Inspection has announced on Wednesday it is investigating the DNA chief prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi again for two misconduct offenses. The judicial inspectors claim that Kovesi had committed two misconduct offenses regarding some checks, after she would have delegated her adviser Dana Titian to carry out some checks on two territorial services.

She has deliberately broken the provisions of Prosecutor General’s order 5/January 2016, which relates to the authority to order and conduct a targeted inspection, by designating the DNA chief prosecutor’s adviser, a deployed judge, who was in incompatibility to conduct the targeted inspection in two territorial services,” reads the Judicial Inspection’s press release.

The CSM prosecutors argue that by designating an incompatible magistrate the legality and impartiality principles have been violated, as well as the fundamental rules and the judiciary’s prestige and credibility.

The disciplinary action has been forwarded to the CSM’s prosecutors section to decide on the potential disciplinary penalty against Kovesi.

This is the second disciplinary action against the anti-corruption chief prosecutor.

In January this year, the Judicial Inspection has initiated a disciplinary action against Laura Codruta Kovesi, as a result of the recordings released in June last year by Romania TV private broadcaster.

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