JusMin on Ghita’s request to suspend his extradition: He should address to the court in Serbia


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Romanian Justice minister Tudorel Toader has retorted to Sebastian Ghita’s request to suspend his extradition procedure, saying he won’t comment “what others have commented on TV”, adding though that a defendant cannot have a dialogue with the Justice Ministry and that he hasn’t seen Ghita while he was in Serbia to meet his counterpart.

A defendant cannot have a direct dialogue with the Justice minister (….) He (Ghita) has an extradition procedure in Serbia, and he must address a court in Serbia, not the Justice Ministry in Romania. Don’t ask me to comment here what other have commented on TV. The minister is discussing on official channels, through documents officially registered,” Toader said.

He mentioned he didn’t see Sebastian Ghita during his recent visit to Belgrade.

How could a minister of Justice meet someone who is on an extradition procedure? It’s absolutely impossible. I haven’t seen him (…),” Toader added.

His retort comes after the former SocDem deputy Sebastian Ghita has stated at Romania TV on Tuesday night that he had sent documents and proofs to the Justice minister that the evidence used by the National Anti-corruption Directorate in the extradition procedure are fake, while voicing hope Toader will ask for the suspension of the extradition procedure.

Who’s to blame for the long way of the extradition papers from Bucharest to Belgrade?

At the same time, Justice minister Toader referred to the documents needed for Ghita’s extradition, about which the Serbia media had reported they hadn’t arrived the Supreme Court in Belgrade, although the Romanian minister said they had been sent since March 9.

Toader said that it took two weeks for the magistrates of the Ploiesti Court of Appeal to send the original documents for Ghita’s extradition in Bucharest, from March 7 to March 21, commenting that “they would have arrived earlier on foot”.

We sent the request for these documents to the Ploiesti Court of Appeal on February 17. The Court of Appeal in Ploiesti sent us the documents in copy on March 7, the Justice Ministry translated them and sent them by fax to the Supreme Court in Serbia on March 8, we have the confirmation they received them. As the extradition procedure requires, we also asked for the original documents from the Ploiesti Court of Appeal. If they sent the copies on March 7, they sent the original papers on March 21. We expedited the papers by express courier on the same day, March 21 to the Justice ministry in Serbia and we have the proof of the ministry has received them on March 23. You can ask the Ploiesti Court of Appeal why took it two weeks to send the documents from Ploiesti to Bucharest, they would have arrived on foot earlier than two weeks,” Toader said.

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