Justice Minister reacts after Prosecutor General’s challenge in court of revocation decision


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Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, has reacted on Monday to the challenge in court by Prosecutor General Augustin Lazar of the revocation decision.

“In Romania, the access to justice system is guaranteed for every citizen. Anyone has the right to address a judge. The problem is not to abuse this right and, unfortunately, a lot of people do this. (…) Look at the selection procedure of the candidate for the Prosecutor General office. The legal conditions are provided there,” Toader said.

The Justice Minister said that on March 16, 2016, the term for signing up deadline was over, the candidate Lazar had two issues: a statement of intention and a CV.

“If I were Justice Minister at the time, I would have asked how many files for candidacy there are. Four. Are they meeting the legal provisions? One does not meet them, then goodbye. It’s not my job as minister to complete the file of one of the candidates,” Tudorel Toader said.

Prosecutor General, Augustin Lazar, filed last Friday, to the Alba Court of Appeals, a challenge to suspend the revocation decision from office, launched by the Justice Minister. Also on Friday, the Prosecutor General filed a complaint to the Justice Ministry against the report.

Justice Minister, Tudorel Toader, announced late in October that he is kicking off the procedure to dismiss Romania’s Prosecutor General, Augustin Lazar. Minister Toader presented an assessment report of Lazar’s activity as the PG, containing 20 reasons to have him revoked.

General Prosecutor Augustin Lazar retorted by saying that Toader’s assessment report is actually the answer of the Executive to the Venice Commission’s opinion.

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