Justice Minister: SIPA archive, a stain on the face of justice. I will publish the names of visitors

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Justice Minister Tudorel Toader has announced that he will publish the names of those who visited the SIPA archive and the number of visits, adding that the secret service’s documents are a ‘spot on the face of Romanian justice.’

“The SIPA archive – a stain on the face of Romanian justice! Pleasant or unpleasant, the truth must be brought to the surface. The first step – I will publish the names of the ‘visited’ the archives, and possibly the number of visits,” Minister Toader posted the message on his Facebook page, Monday morning.

Dana Gîrbovan, President of UNJR (judges’ union), commends the Minister’ intention to publish the names of those who visited the SIPA archive, asking to publish also the date they had access to the documents.

“I hope that they will be published today. I also ask the Minister that, together with the names of these people, to publish the date when they entered the SIPA archive,” Dana Gîrbovan wrote on her Facebook page.

Dana Gîrbovan also wrote that she is waiting former Justice Minister Monica Macovei to answer the questions she had addressed to her.

Monica Macovei has publicly asked the magistrate on Friday for evidence to support Gîrbovan’s statement to the public television, in which she quoted Macovei regarding former Prime Minister Victor Ponta and the information that the SIPA archive reportedly contains about him.

In this context, Macovei stated: “Although we live in a Romania of lies and misinformation, I did not expect, however, that a magistrate, who leads an association of judges, should enter into a game of unreal information and insinuations, which is aimed at decreasing confidence in judiciary and at attacking magistrates. It would be regrettable that a judge would be manipulated or has bad faith.”

The SIPA archive was brought back to public opinion’s attention by journalist Dan Andronic, claiming that the archive’s documents were copied.

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