Justice minister to propose Adina Florea again for the DNA’s helm

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Justice minister Tudorel Toader will propose Adina Florea for the third time for the DNA chief prosecutor position. President Iohannis has turned her down twice so far, claiming legality grounds.

The head of state has sent Justice minister a letter on Wednesday, explaining his refusal. The President’s ground is that the documents sent to the Presidency do not contain the proof that Florea didn’t collaborate with the Securitate, the former communist secret police.

The Superior Council of Magistracy has also issued a negative opinion against Adina Florea following an interview where she made controversial statements on the prosecutors’ independence.

Moreover, on Thursday six in those 11 members of the CNSAS ( the National Council that studies the archives of the former Securitate) have sent a letter to the Council’s head, Constantin Buchet, accusing him of prejudging when informed CSM that Adina Florea had not been a Securitate collaborator.

Constantin Buchet had said on Wednesday that the CNSAS, the only official authority entitled to decide if a person had collaborated with the Communist intelligence or not, had issued a certificate for not having collaborated or being part of the Securitate in 2009, which was maintained in 2017 without additions.

Buchet contradicted President Iohannis, who argued that there was not CNSAS verdict regarding Florea in the documents, saying that the particular documentation had been sent to the Superior Council of Magistracy.

Now, six of 11 CNSAS members claim the body’s chairman had exceeded his mandate when making those statements clearing Adina Florea of any suspicion regarding Securitate and argue that according to the CNSAS law’s article 8 only the College can establish this kind of verdict.


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