Justice Minister’s son wins professor job at Iasi University when Tudorel Toader was suspended as rector, regulation amended

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The newspaper located in Iasi city, 7est.ro, writes that the Senate of Al. I. Cuza University in Iasi has amended the employment methodology a month before a job was available and occupied by contest by the only contestant – Ionut Alexandru Toader, the son of the incumbent Justice Minister Tudorel Toader (photo), who has suspended himself from office of University Rector when he joined the Government.

According to the quoted source, the Senate of the University amended exactly the paragraph that prevents Toader Jr. to attend the exam. Toader Jr. has PhD degree in Criminal Law, but in order to win the office he should have had the PhD degree in Civil Law.

Ionut Alexandru Toader is a notary and university professor at Petre Andrei University in Iasi. He was not allowed to join the Cuza University because his father was Rector, and the institution’s regulations forbid hiring relatives.

When his father became Minister of Justice, he has suspended himself from office.

At the end of April this year, Al. I. Cuza University announced the opening for contest of a post of assistant professor at the Faculty of Law for Civil Law discipline.

On 30 March 2017, the Senate of Al. I. Cuza amended Article 8 and removed the condition that the person who joins the competition should have a doctorate in the same field.

Ionut Alexandru Toader was declared admitted with general average marks of 9.24. He was the only competitor for the job.

The 7est.ro website tried to obtain point of view both from Tudorel Toader and from his son. The Minister of Justice did not answer the phone or the SMS. The Minister’s son said: “I have met all conditions … Regulations may change from one day to another. I learned about the contest on the website www.uaic.ro.”


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