Justice Ministry releases list of people who visited the SIPA archive (II). What was a SRI member doing there? Amazing response from former minister…

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The head of the Jurists Union in Romania (UNJR), Dana Garbovan has asked several questions regarding the access of several people to the SIPA archives in 2013, among them Florian Andronache, Romanian Intelligence Service  Officer (SRI) officer detached to the Justice Ministry.

“According to the list released by the Justice Ministry, among those who visited the SIPA archive on December 13, 2013 was Mr. Andronache Florian-Teodor. According to public information, he was SRI Officer detached to the Justice Ministry. What was he doing there? His visit was paid by what minister decision? Is there a minute written by this committee?” the magistrate wrote on her Facebook page.

Garbovan added that “both the magistrates and the public opinion were misled for years regarding this archive. It is imperative to sort out the issues regarding the SIPA archive in order to clarify this black stain on Romanian post-communist justice.”

The most recent ‘visit’ to the archive was on December 12, 2013 when Robert Cazanciuc was Minister of Justice.

Former Justice Minister Cazanciuc: A light bulb was out of work

Robert Cazanciuc (photo), former Justice Minister, said on Thursday that access to the SIPA archive in 2013 was due to the fact that the National Penitentiary Administration (ANP), the archives’ depositary, had notified the Ministry of Justice that a light bulb had failed.

“ANP, the archive depositary, notified the Ministry of Justice that the video surveillance system, outside the location, indicated that in the access hall to the sealed chambers where the SIPA documents were stored a light bulb might be out of work. By the order of the Justice Ministry there was established a committee made up of persons legally authorized for access to restricted areas,” Robert Cazanciuc said.

The former minister said that “the members of this committee had access only to the outer hall of the sealed chambers in which the SIPA archive was stored.”

“They found that a light bulb had failed, they replaced it, found that all the seals of the chambers in that hall were intact, they left the location, and recorded these administrative operations in a report filed to the department, The members of this committee had a strictly administrative role, they did not enter any of the rooms where the SIPA documents were, they did not come in contact with any document, file, paper, object in the archive,” Cazanciuc added.

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