Justice Ministry releases list of people who visited the SIPA archive (IV). Irregularities found in 2007

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‘Evenimentul Zilei’ newspaper has published on Thursday the 2007 report of the committee that handled the SIPA archive. The document, which reads ‘Secret’, points to a series of irregularities: copied documents, a copier stored in the archive’s space and documents that reached former Justice Minister Monica Macovei, but then they were lost.

The Justice Ministry on Thursday published the list of those who had access to the SIPA archive after being dissolved and later said there were more than 22 visits.

The report presented by the ‘Evenimentul Zilei’ newspaper was drawn by the commission set up on March 31, 2007 and was registered a year later, when Cătălin Predoiu was Minister of Justice.

Among the main irregularities found are: the preservation, processing, multiplication and destruction of state secret information. “Some documents appear in different files, in many cases copies 1 and 2 are repeated or appear in different files or volumes in copy,” the report reads.

Other documents had the registration number written with the pencil. “There are reminders with corrective passages, renumbering of the informative notes, copying on printed paper on the back. (…) Also upon the order of the previous decision makers, the re-writing of the hard disks within the National Protection and Anticorruption Directorate was made,” the report reads.

The committee noted, however, that the minister’s order was not identified. With regard to electronic storage media, a file was found containing 11 sealed, stamped and signed envelopes, possibly containing CDs, as well as a box containing a Seagate brand hard disk as well as CDs and unsealed floppy disks.

Moreover, there was a copier in the SIPA archive premises.

The committee proposed the notification of the Romanian Intelligence Service (SRI) – the Office of State Security Surveillance, as well as the setting-up of a larger committee to set the archive’s destination.

This was the third committee set up to handle the SIPA archive.

The first one, ordered by Monica Macovei, failed to meet the June 30, 2006 deadline for completing the inventory process.

The second commission, set up in 2007, had only two members: Judge Cristi Danileţ (member also in the first commission) and prosecutor Paul Dumitriu. The two had three months to report but, according to the document, they did not fulfil their obligations and did not submit a report on proposals for the destination of the operational archive.

The third committee, set up on March 31, 2007, included judges, prosecutors, advisers to the minister, and was to set up preliminary activities for handing over the archive. The members of the committee, Iosif Marius, Laura Iuliana Scântei, Horia Georgescu, Vasilica Bura, Monica Boboc, Dan Mînzală and Andreea Ist, made no less than 17 visits to the SIPA archive.

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