Kinder Eggs case: Woman in the story – suspicions about ‘rigged’ disease to get illness pension

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Satu Mare County Prefect Radu Bud believes there are suspicions about the pension of the women included in the feature released by ‘The Sun’ this week regarding the making of Kinder Eggs at home. He says her illness might have been rigged, according to

The Prefect is stunned that “the woman seems perfectly healthy, but collects an illness pension and works at home.”

He says state institutions are checking the documents for her retirement, as at the last working place she did not have any sick leave.

“Suspicions are legitimate regarding the rigging of her retiring file. The woman seems perfectly healthy, however she collects an illness pension and works at home, legally or not. We need to check the reason for her retirement, whether it was physical disability or psychiatric. As far as I have seen, she does not seem to be ill. Moreover, it seems she is working at home, it is for the Labour Inspectorate to have a say. I can tell you she got retired in June and I’ve got in touch with her last employer, a plant with some 6,000 employees. I found out that the woman hasn’t had a single day of sick leave before getting retired. You know the procedures, one needs 90 days of sick leave in order to make a file for retirement,” the Prefect said.

He added the investigation will be extended in order to find out if some civil servants have violated the law.

In another development, the local media informed that the woman received some GBP 200 to accept being filmed. The journalists quote a local man, close to the family, who claims to be told by the woman about her terms be part of the feature.

The Prosecutors with Romania’s Directorate for Investigating Organized Crime and Terrorism (DIICOT) have ordered the commencement of a criminal investigation in rem related to allegations of trafficking of children mentioned in an investigation conducted by the British newspaper ‘The Sun’.

According to a feature released by the British newspaper ‘The Sun’ Romanian kids aged six get 22p an hour as “slave” labour making Kinder Egg toys.

Soon after the story was released, the mother in the feature, Timea Jurj, has claimed that everything is a frame-up. She denied the whole story.

Later on, the Romanian translator who accompanied the British journalists with ‘The Sun’ for the feature about kids working to make Kinder Eggs at home says there was not frame-up. He also says there are lots of people in the region who work on the black market for the mentioned plan.

On the other hand Ferrero has started its own investigation after the feature released by ‘The Sun’.

Photo: The Sun

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